Yes on 1 Campaign Again Calls on Opponents to Drop Wasteful Recount Request

The recount will cost Maine taxpayers at least $500,000 and will not change the final result, given the current margin of 4,073 votes

Portland, ME – After the Question 2 recount was withdrawn on Tuesday, the Yes on 1 Campaign today called on its opponents to follow suit and drop their Question 1 recount request.

“We respectfully ask the No on 1 Campaign to follow the lead of the No on 2 Campaign and withdraw their recount request,” said David Boyer, Campaign Manager for the Yes on 1 Campaign. “There is no evidence that a recount would change the result of Question 1. At the same time, $500,000 would be wasted on the process of recounting ballots. That’s half a million taxpayer dollars that should be spent on heating homes and funding schools.”

The most recent statewide recount in Maine was the 2010 Oxford Casino initiative, when the opposition campaign demanded a recount. The Yes campaign won the original vote by 4,723 votes, and after roughly 20% of the recount was complete, the margin of victory actually increased.

When explaining their decision to withdraw yesterday, Question 2 opponents cited a “very low probability that a recount would overturn the unofficial election result.”

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Yes on 1: Regulate and Tax Marijuana is supporting the 2016 statewide ballot initiative to make marijuana legal in Maine. For more information, click here.

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