Weed Grow Hub Publishes Guide to Successful Cloning of Cannabis

San Diego, CA – Weedgrowhub.com has published a guide to successful cloning of cannabis, which is considered a good option for both beginners and experienced cultivators and can save growers of a lot of time and money, providing them with a good harvest with the needed properties.

The guide starts with highlighting the reasons why clones are better than seeds including the fact seeds from plants are always a bit different, so they display varying properties. With clones, on the other hand, the DNA of the mother plant will always display the same properties as the mother. This allows cultivators to produce a bigger harvest in less time. At this point, the guide provides a useful link to another article on the pros and cons of clones where growers are advised to be careful to choose a clone of a healthy plant rather than a diseased one.

In the second part of the guide, cultivators are advised to visit a dispensary to find the best plants and look for three signs of a healthy plant when selecting a strain to clone: the leaves, which should be smooth and green; the stalk, which should be light brown or green; and the roots, which should be white without any damage or bugs.

The third step advises growers to prepare their equipment including the sterilizing solution, razors or scissors, cloning powder/gel, starter cubes, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), and an incubator. Cultivators then need to take a 5-10 inch cutting from the mother plant that is not in flowering mode, place it in water to avoid air contamination, remove the lower leaves, place it in rooting solution, and put the cutting into a starter cube.

In the final step, cultivators are advised to prevent clones from flowering immediately by waiting for days to get longer for outside cultivation or place the clones 30 inches away from strong lights during the initial period if cultivating indoors.

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