Weed for Warriors Project Series: Our Vets Need Your Support

With a special interview with a veteran you won’t want to miss!

by John Hartsell | Co-Founder of WeediaBuzz

This Saturday, October 17, the 2015 Cannaball Run for Vets kicks-off in Santa Monica with a 4.20 mile march hosted by 420 Games, MagicalButter and the Weed for Warriors Project. The purpose of this tour is to raise awareness for the unacceptable epidemic of more than 22 suicides a day by veterans who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in combination with harmful narcotics that are over prescribed to them by the VA.

The events in order are:

  1. 10/17 Santa Monica, California
  2. 10/18 Las Vegas, Nevada
  3. 10/24 Denver, Colorado
  4. 10/26 Phoenix, Arizona (www.swccexpo.com)
  5. 10/30 Nashville, Tennessee
  6. 11/3-4 Rocky Mount, North Carolina
  7. 11/6-8 Charlottesville, Virginia
  8. 11/9 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  9. 11/11 Washington, D.C.

jose_martinezThis coming Saturday, veteran Jose Martinez, a triple amputee, will be walking the entire 4.20 miles with his fellow veterans by his side. When I called Jose today, we were disconnected so I sent a quick text asking for a return call. He was on the treadmill preparing for the Weed for Warrior Project series of events. Here is part of our interview:

Q: What branch of the military were you in and how long did you serve?
A: Army – 3 years from 2011 to 2014

Q: How many tours and where were you stationed?
A: I was on 1 Tour in Afghanistan.

Q: What was your job in the Army?
A: Infantry, I was on the front lines and saw it all. In training we were told ‘we had to do, what we had to do.’ Our expectation were to bring our brothers back.

Q: I understand you sustained significant injuries. Can you tell me how?
A: On March 3, 2012 stepped on an IED, a homemade bomb and I lost my right arm, my whole right leg and half of my left leg. I was conscious for everything, I remember the pain, I remember being picked up by the bird, it was an hour after the IED exploded before I went unconscious.

Q: How has this experience impacted you mentally?
A: When I came back I was disgusted with myself. I wanted to be in the infantry for 30 to 40 years, I had found my little place in the world where everything seemed right. When I returned and I woke up, I tried to get up, I’m right handed and there was nothing there to push off of… all I felt was pain. I’m a perfectionist at everything I do and this is something I cannot perfect. It’s hard.

Q: When did you begin using cannabis to deal with your PTSD and other pain related to your injuries?
A: The day after I retired I began using cannabis as a tool to cope with PTSD. I was taking multiple prescriptions to deal with pain and PTSD from oxy to morphine and other antidepressants. I was lucky to have only 19 surgeries, I say lucky because I have buddies who have had hundreds. I have not been on any pills for the past two years, now I’m married and I don’t look like a zombie.

Jose Martinez plans to join the tour for every stop along the way. Keep following this series for updates on his journey through the United States, a country he has given so much to for the freedoms we all enjoy.

Purpose of the Cannaball Run:

Founded in 2014, the sole purpose of the Weed for Warriors (WFW) Project is to advocate to the VA about the freedom to use medical cannabis as a recognized medical alternative to harmful psychiatric drugs without any discrimination or unjust actions against the individual.

This awareness campaign intends to build public awareness about the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)’s refusal to allow cannabis therapy as a treatment option for PTSD and TBI (traumatic brain injury.) The campaign is seeking an alternative treatment path away from the harmful pharmaceutical narcotics now commonly being prescribed to afflicted vets that lead to addiction and suicidal tendencies. An estimated 22 veterans a day, or 8,000 annually, commit suicide as a result of PTSD, up from a low of 18 per year in 2007, according to a 2012 VA Suicide Data Report.

kiernanSean Kiernan, CFO and Executive Board Member from the Weed for Warriors Project said, “Mental health treatment is far behind physical health at the VA. It’s horrifying. We are bringing attention to a real problem through our work.” Watch Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s Weed 3 on CNN to see more on Sean’s story.

According to the Weed for Warriors web site, “Veterans are being prescribed harsh pharmaceutical drugs that are extremely addictive and have been linked to thousands of Veteran Suicides. Cannabis has been proven to help with PTSD, cancer, chronic pain, sleep disorders, Crohn’s disease, migraines, addiction withdrawal and has statistically lowered the suicide rate in states where it is legal. Please join us in the fight to give Veterans the right to have safe access to medical cannabis and allow them the freedom to discuss medical cannabis with their VA doctors. Together we can make a difference and do more for Veterans.”

About The Weed for Warriors Project:
Weed for Warriors Project’s sole purpose is to advocate to the Veteran Affairs Administration on behalf of all Veterans. Founded in 2014, the WFW Project aims to allow Veterans the freedom to use cannabis as a recognized medical alternative to harmful psychiatric drugs without any discrimination or unjust actions against the individual. W4WP was started in the San Francisco Bay Area by an OEF United States Marine Corps Veteran who found relief from his service connected disabilities through cannabis and the fellowship of other like-minded Veterans within the cannabis community. For more information, please visit www.wfwproject.com or visit us on Facebook and Twitter.

About MagicalButter:
MagicalButter is a company that is working hard to bring top-quality, consistent edibles and infusions to cannabis patients everywhere. MagicalButter has developed an appliance anyone can easily use in their home kitchen to make cannabis-infused butter, oil, and tincture. World headquarters for MagicalButter is located in Port Richey, Florida and sold internationally. For media inquiries please email sales@magicalbutter.com or call 1.800.420.4334. For information about the product, please visit magicalbutter or you can find us on Facebook and Twitter.

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