Washington: Legal Cannabis Sales Surpass $140 Million in October

by Anthony Martinelli | The Joint Blog

Washington State has once again broken a record for legal cannabis sales.

Washington – In October there was $141,031,391 worth of legal cannabis sold in Washington. This surpasses the previous record set last month, when roughly $139 million was sold. For comparison sake, there was $126 million in legal cannabis sold in the last full month data is available in Colorado, the other state where a legal cannabis market has been up and running for at least a couple years.

The $141 million sold in October resulted in $25,623,780 in taxes for the state. For fiscal year year 2017, which began on July 1st, there has been $570 million in legal cannabis sold in Washington, resulting in over $100 million in taxes.

There are currently 453 licensed cannabis retailers and 908 licensed producer/processor in the state, according to the Liquor and Cannabis Board.

More information on Washington’s legal cannabis market can be found by clicking here.

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