VIDEO: Hemp Volunteer Day in Vienna West Virginia

by Natalie Price | The News Center

The West Virginia Hemp Farmers Cooperative is trying to establish the first industrial hemp research plot in Wood County.

Several volunteers were out today, viewing the garden and seeing what the group was all about. The group is working with West Virginia legislators to get all of the permits necessary for hemp cultivation. Until then they have other jobs that they’re working on, they say their most important job right now is just growing food for the community. The work is supported by several local businesses including Mother Earth Foods, Freedom Vapor, Confiskated, J&J Propertyr Development and several others.

“We’d like to just see a successful outcome for our research plots and we’d like to grow a few different cultivars to use in a couple different ways for various local business who are supporting us,” said Morgan Leach, president of the WV Hemp Industries Association.

“We have cannabis which is high in different types of what are called Cannabinoids so THC is one but the CBDs are the ones that are in research right now mainly for pain, for all kinds of neurological disorders and things of that nature, so there’s a real medicinal aspect to this which is really a big factor, ” said David Hawkins, owner of Mother Earth Foods.

Volunteers will be working throughout the weekend in Vienna.

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