The Truth About How to Talk to Kids About Marijuana

Not your typical “how to” article.

Written by: Jeni Lee, CBZ Media

To be honest, I have read so many “how to” articles about having a cannabis conversation with your kids. Many of them are anti-cannabis, some of them are pro-cannabis, a few are education based. While there is nothing wrong with any of these articles I found that the more I read the more confused I became. Until I finally realized that the problem in reading how to articles about parenting leaves out two crucial considerations.

First, they do not take into account the unique relationship I have with each of my children. Second, these articles did not leave room for me to relate my personal values and ethics to my children. I needed a different solution.

The Questions On Everyone’s Mind
How do I actually have the cannabis conversation with my kids? OR How did you have the cannabis conversation with your kids?

For some of you, this conversation will be easier than others. Perhaps you have always addressed cannabis use and been open with your kids. If that is you- I have to say I am a bit jealous. My background is quite different and could have made it very difficult for my kids, and family in general, to understand why I chose to start using cannabis. Which brings us to;

Q: How do I have the cannabis conversation with my kids?

A: No one can say it better than Nike- you “Just do it”.

That being said there are two things that will help this conversation evolve naturally:

  1. Know your kids as individuals: This includes understanding how they communicate and interact with you and the world. It means putting your hopes for them aside for just long enough for you to learn about the hopes they have for themselves. This is easier in theory than in practice but I believe anyone can do it with a little effort.
  2. Explore & understand yourself: This can include things like understanding your personal prejudices, values, beliefs, and/or ethics related to cannabis. It can also mean exploring any prejudices and beliefs you might have about your children. Read articles, talk to your kids, examine your biases until you understand yourself. Keep doing this until any internal conflict you may have had has been resolved.

As you implement these two ideas, you will start to recognize opportunities to talk to your kids about cannabis…or about anything really. From there, the rest is simple, one day an opportunity will present itself and you will ‘just do it’.

Yes, I know it’s not that simple.
Well, actually it is- it just doesn’t feel like it.

When I was writing this article it was quickly getting long as I elaborated on some of the things I thought about before I found the right opportunity to talk to my kids. I realized that if I tried to address every aspect of preparing for this type of conversation the article would, in fact, be so long that it may as well be a book.

The bottom line is having this particular conversation means being honest with yourself first and foremost. (I know, fun…right?!) Beyond that, there is no universal way to have this talk and there shouldn’t be. You are an individual and so are you children. Your family is unique and should be celebrated as such. So spend some time, be thoughtful, and know the rest will happen.

About The Author

I am the co-owner of CBZ Media, an OMMP medical patient, and the mother of 4 children- among other things. I frequently write about the medical applications of cannabis specifically related to my own experiences in switching from pharmaceutical pain management to cannabis based pain management.

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