Last week, members of Arizona’s House of Representatives were set to hear HCRs 2002 and 2007 and HB 2320, all with the intention of repealing or weakening the Voter Protection Act (VPA). As you know, the VPA, and its ¾ House and Senate approval requirement, is the first line of defense in keeping AMMA safe from legislative attacks.

Without VPA, AMMA would have already been changed significantly including amendments to certification processes, growing methods, and other very limiting laws which did not pass due to the ¾ vote requirement. This is an explicit attempt by some members of the legislature to manipulate the system to take power from the voters and give it to themselves as legislators.

AMMA PAC, along with several other groups, registered in opposition to the bill with hundreds of citizens stating their opposition to the three bills. AMMA PAC alone was responsible for registering well over 100 cannabis activists and leaders in opposition. And, the bills were held from consideration during last week’s hearing in House Government.

In a hail-Mary hope for fatigue among our opposing activists, HCRs 2002 and 2007 and HB 2320 have been scheduled for another hearing this week in the same committee. To have us register you in opposition to these three bills, go here: http://www.ammapac.com/registration.html. If you already asked us to register you in last week, we will automatically do so again unless you ask us not to.

Below, find each of the committee members and their contact information. Please call them and tell them that the Voter Protection Act ensures that voter initiated laws require a higher threshold for changes. Ask them to oppose HCRs 2002 and 2007 and HB 2320.

Rep. Michelle B. Ugenti-Rita (Republican) Sponsor of all three bills- (602) 926-4480

email: mugenti-rita@azleg.gov

Rep. Todd A. Clodfelter (Republican)- (602) 926-4850

email: tclodfelter@azleg.gov

Rep. Drew John (Republican)- (602) 926-5154

email: djohn@azleg.gov

Rep. Douglas Coleman (Republican) Chairman- (602) 926-3160

email: dcoleman@azleg.gov

Rep. Bob Thorpe (Republican) Vice-Chairman- (602) 926-5219

email: bthorpe@azleg.gov

Rep. Ray D. Martinez (Democrat)- (602) 926-5158

email: rmartinez@azleg.gov

Rep. Athena Salman (Democrat)- (602) 926-4858

email: asalman@azleg.gov

Rep. Ken Clark (Democrat)- (602) 926-3108

email: kenclark@azleg.gov

Please click here http://www.ammapac.com/meeting.html to schedule an appointment with John Hartsell to discuss what else is upcoming at the Legislature that you should be aware of.

We hope to get as many people as possible to call and email each of the above listed Representatives to show them that the marijuana industry is paying attention and does not want changes to the AMMA or Proposition 105.

Finally, look for our next email which will tell you more information about our AMMA PAC lunch and learn with legislators on March 6, 2017 at the Capital where we will introduce multiple legislators to industry leaders as a first part of our goal to show the business aspects of the medical marijuana industry to our elected officials.

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