Objects In Mirror May Appear Larger

by El Lincis

The ‘psychoactive’ properties of THC were apparent to me almost immediately.  I may not have known exactly or scientifically what was going on, except that ‘Life’ in general became a lot more interesting and a ‘hell’ of a lot more hilarious!   As far as the medicinal effects, though they were all working, now that I look back it took me years to realize their positive potential!

Before I wax metaphysical about the cerebral benefits of cannabis I must first be totally honest and disclaim my medical and scientific knowledge on the subject. ‘Grass Guru’, ‘Pot Prof.’, ‘Weed Wrangler’, ‘Pusher’, ‘Dealer’ ‘potograher’, are not ‘handles’ I would respond to.

I have never sold or cultivated cannabis for profit in my long career as a daily user. An authority I’m not. I’m more of an astute observer – a person who early on was intrinsically aware of the benefits of this incredible scientific phenomenon and movement – and one who continued to use and believe in the ‘herb’ and its magical effects!

I’m the person you ‘saddle up’ to at bar in a Mex-Asian Fusion restaurant tucked away in some 4 star resort locals know nothing about.  The menu has both sushi and tacos, sometimes fused together!  A gourmet’s delight, ‘munchies’ to extreme satiation. Worth the absurdly long hilarious ride there.

On my left side sits a beautiful brunette with blue eyes. To my right sits ‘the worlds most interesting man.’ Yes, the ‘Dos Equis Guy’. In town for another sixty second tv spot.  A babe magnate, and a great actor, he definitely knows a lot about beers even though he only drinks occasionally!

el3-2While the brunette with the blue eyes (love that combination) continues sipping ‘margaritas’, Senior Equis and I crack open a couple of ‘Dos Brews’ and take a few draws from my ‘Dos vape pen’!  Cannabis oil, the future of MMJ; odorless smokeless, discreet, clean, and potent. No one knew, or cared, what we were doing! Just a couple of guys laughing hilariously at everything, we continued to ‘rhapsodize’ about life in general until we both fell off our stools!

The beautiful brunette quickly came to our aid, putting me in a dark booth as Senior Equis put the moves on her. Not knowing she was my wife, we all fell on the floor in hilarious laughter!

The sun soon rose and Jonathan Goldsmith, a cowboy actor from Brooklyn became the ‘worlds most interesting man’!

How credible is that? How credible is this yarn?…  Well… take it with a ‘gram of sativa’, a ‘shot of Petrone!

“Stay thirsty, my friends” and keep believing…

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