NEOS – First To Market With CBD (Cannabidiol) Vaporizer Pen

by John ‘Harts’ Hartsell | WeediaBuzz

Featuring a 1-1 THC-CBD ratio and the NEOS signature whole-flower extraction method, NEOS produces the first cannabis-derived CBD electronic vaporization oil

In July, 2015, Neos, a Denver-based cannabis electronic vaporization oil (EVO) extract company, announced the launch of the medicinal and recreational market’s first cannabis-derived cannabidiol (CBD) vaporizer (vape) pen.

Now available in California and Colorado, each state will produce a rotating list of local organically grown, seasonal strains. Colorado launches with ‘CBD No. 1,’ a carefully selected strain featuring a 1-1 THC-CBD ratio, an exceptionally even distribution of benefits creating a remarkably balanced high and a full ‘entourage effect,’ as well as the signature superior taste that accompanies all Neos products. California stores will supply patrons with strain specific CBD Catatonic, grown locally as well.

“Neos wanted to put a product on the market that would appeal to medical and recreational users,” said Neos Lead Extraction Artist Guy Rocourt. “We knew that we could create a vape pen that paired the CBD ingredient with our quality product standards to create a concert of flavor, feeling and effects.”

THC and CBD compounds are present in all marijuana plants, and abundantly higher levels of THC are common amongst most strains. High levels of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, often causes the “high” effect users experience when consuming cannabis products. CBD, the non-psychoactive ingredient, offers additional benefits including counteracting heightened anxiety levels felt when consuming THC, reduced muscle inflammation and a better sleep.

While traditional vaporizer pen companies routinely extract oil from cannabis trim, the fragments that drop while trimming to extract the plant’s bud, collected from various plants, Neos extracts oil directly from whole marijuana flower buds. This allows for unsurpassed control over strains, and ultimately their effects. When the oil is derived in this manner, the consumer will know every component of the product they are consuming; from the specific effect of that strain to the flavor and scent.

Launched in 2014, Neos discovered the benefits of employing a unique extraction method to create ‘EVO’ and found the results unparalleled in terms of appealing to consumer preferences. According to Neos’ extract expert, Guy Rocourt, the company plans to launch new products such as disposable pens and higher-potency/higher-end vapes.

The company intends to maximize flavor to enhance the experience of consuming their extracts. Rocourt said, “When you buy a bottle of wine, you’re not buying it for the alcohol content, you’re buying it because it tastes good. That’s what we’re creating, a vape that is pleasurable to smoke.”

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