Introducing Papa & Barkley: Revolutionizing Whole-Plant Cannabis-Based Pain Releaf™ Products

New line of scientifically crafted wellness and lifestyle products ensures most efficient and effective cannabinoid delivery

Eureka, CA – Papa & Barkley (P&B), a science-focused creator of medical-cannabis wellness and lifestyle products, announces the release of its flagship Releaf™ line of topical cannabis products. Produced in Humboldt County, California — the nation’s cannabis heartland — P&B combines deep industry knowledge with modern science and a commitment to developing products with unmatched potency and quality.

P&B products deliver superior results because of the company’s focus on whole-plant medicine and the “Right Ratio” philosophy. The Right Ratio premise is that each product has a specific profile of cannabinoids and terpenes working in concert to produce the maximum effect with the greatest result. P&B tests its profiles with cannabinoids derived from high-end strains of sun-grown flowers cultivated and processed in the Emerald Triangle of Northern California, the largest cannabis-producing region in the United States.

“Each of the botanical ingredients we use, from lavender to eucalyptus to tea tree oil, are included for a reason — for instance, their anti-inflammatory properties — or as natural penetrating agents. These characteristics help the cannabis better absorb into the affected area and, eventually, the bloodstream,” said Guy Rocourt, chief products officer and co-founder of P&B.

The heart of the P&B story is the company’s namesake, founder Adam Grossman’s father (“Papa”), Morton, and his beloved dog, Barkley. After conventional treatments failed to mitigate his father’s debilitating back pain, Adam set out to develop his own solution. The result was a natural, more effective, cannabis-based pain-relief balm that helped bring his father out of a bedridden state.

Today, P&B continues its mission to unlock the potential of cannabis to change lives. The Releaf™ line of products focuses on wellness, but P&B will release additional lifestyle and recreational consumer products soon.

Current product offerings include the following:

  • Releaf™ Balm: Specially formulated with all natural botanicals and infused with a proprietary coconut-oil soak process, this balm has unmatched terpene content of more than 400mg of cannabinoids per 50 mL jar, activated with the 3-1 THC-CBD Right Ratio. Also offered in a 15 mL jar.
  • Releaf™ Patch: Activated with over 30 mg of cannabinoids per patch in various THC-CBD ratios, the Releaf Patch offers 12 hours of consistent relief through its slow-release formula.
  • Releaf™ Soak: Made with Dead Sea salts imported from Israel and infused with premium whole-plant cannabis-flower resin and a 3-1 THC-CBD Right Ratio, the Releaf Soak allows patients to relax their whole bodies and enjoy an all-encompassing, therapeutic relief.
  • Releaf™ Massage: Formulated with a proprietary coconut-oil soak process and whole-plant cannabis-flower resin, this 3-1 THC-CBD Right Ratio solution provides targeted pain relief with more than 400 mg of cannabinoid content.

About Papa & Barkley (P&B)

P&B creates consumer wellness and lifestyle products activated with pure cannabinoids and cannabis terpenes. Basing its production in Humboldt County, California, P&B partners with second- and third-generation farmers to source the highest-quality cannabis flowers on the market. The company employs whole-plant extraction technologies to produce the finest extracts and infusions, which it combines with 100-percent therapeutic-grade botanical extracts. P&B is science driven — it has a world-class Scientific Advisory Board and research partners in Israel who help formulate and test its products. P&B products are available in medical cannabis dispensaries across California.

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