Indie Band Spotlight: Vinyl Station (Currently Touring With Rob Thomas): VIDEO

Formed in 2010 in Phoenix, AZ, Vinyl Station is an Indie rock band for fans of Ryan Adams, Coldplay, and David Gray.

Members of Vinyl Station are Matthew Thornton (vocals, guitars), Brendon Cottrell (guitars, vocals), Alex Kyhn (bass guitar) and Roy Cameron (drums).

Matthew and Brendon met after getting accidentally booked for the same gig and ended up playing on each others sets because they liked most of the same music. Soon after, they began working together and the Vinyl Station sound came into focus. Alex Kyhn joined next and added great bass tone and expert timing to the rhythm section. Roy Cameron is the most recent member and he fit in right away with dynamic energy and precise yet organic timing.

Vinyl Station recorded their first full length album, The Evening Sin, in 2012.  They tried a very fast approach when recording, trying to get a good performance in one or two takes. Then they took the time to listen carefully to decide on arrangement and instrumentation. The album has done well and a few songs have found their way into a few television shows and films.

Vinyl Station just finished their second album, Still Open Eyes, which is on sale now. It was recorded with a similar approach, but is a bit more ambitious sound than their last album. They took this group of songs and made them bigger and louder, hoping to create a sound that would make for a very dynamic live show.

Connect with Vinyl Station on Facebook. Buy their phenomenal new CD here.

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