Healthway Education Systems Hosts Accredited Cannabis Continuing Medical Education Seminar

On January 7th, 2017, Healthway Education Systems will hold an exclusive seminar where participants will receive a certificate of accreditation in continuing medical cannabis education.

Dallas, TX – ​Medical cannabis has seen widespread approval from state governments over recent years; currently, 42 of the 50 US states allow medical marijuana to be used as a treatment option for patients. Unfortunately, doctors are unsure how to utilize medical cannabis or where to turn for information. The correct dosages, when to recommend cannabis, and what qualifying conditions patients are eligible for; all shrouded in mystery for most medical professionals.

As a result, many doctors forego what has been extensively proven an effective treatment for certain medical issues. Serious afflictions like ALS, post-traumatic stress disorder, and cancer can have their symptoms alleviated by cannabis; however, lack of education regarding the plant is an obstacle that many medical professionals struggle to overcome.

Healthway Education Systems (HES) provides extensive knowledge and comprehensive information to medical professionals about medical cannabis and offers insight on how to safely recommend it to patients. HES serves as the liaison between state-mandated medical regulations and the medical professionals who follow them.

The courses and seminars that Healthway Education offers are recognized by the American Medical Association and provide certified medical industry professionals with continuing medical education credits, allowing them to satisfy their annual license renewal requirements.

Furthermore, Healthway Education offers accredited educational courses to those in the cannabis industry, which include patient care certifications as well as Healthway’s own, unique programs. These are vital for caregivers and those who run dispensaries, as they provide critical information about medical cannabis to ensure that it is used as safely and efficiently as possible.

Healthway Education’s next seminar will take place in Dallas, Texas on January 7th. More specifically, the 4-hour course will be held at the esteemed 4-star hotel Le Meridien Dallas, The Stoneleigh and will provide attendees with information about the benefits, side effects, and applications of medical cannabis as a form of treatment for patients.

The event, featuring guest speakers Dr. Jokubas Ziburkus and Dr. Gregory Smith, offers insights and guidelines on how medical professionals can incorporate medical cannabis into their own practices. Those who complete the seminar will be awarded four AMA-certified PRA Category 1 credits.

Healthway Education’s seminar in Dallas will cover the fundamentals of the endocannabinoid system, medical cannabis use in a clinical setting, delivery and dosage of medical cannabis, and medical cannabis’ psychiatric and mental health applications.

Dr. Ziburkus holds a PhD in neuroscience and is the current president and CSO of SatiMed Inc., a phytocannabinoid company that specializes in the production of non-psychoactive herbal supplements. His work as a neuroscientist has led to medical breakthroughs that have earned him various accolades, including the New Investigator Research Grant Award in 2012 and the Global Lithuanian Leader award in 2014.

Dr. Smith is renowned for the publication of one of the medical industry’s first peer-reviewed medical cannabis textbooks: Medical Cannabis, Basic Science & Clinical Applications. His time as a medical professional has spanned over 30 years. He has spent more than half of his career in California, which provided him a firsthand look at the growing medical cannabis space in a state that boasts one of the largest economies in the entire world.

Dr. Smith’s expertise and research on medical cannabis combined with Dr. Ziburkus’ education and practice as a neuroscientist create an ideal pairing of resources for Healthway Education to draw from. The two medical professionals’ specialties perfectly complement each other; both Ziburkus and Smith can learn from one another about the applications and effects of medical cannabis, and in turn educate other professionals in the medical industry about them.

The collective knowledge between Doctors’ Ziburkus and Smith will offer January 7th attendees an informative experience in an expansive region where medical cannabis usage is not its culture; it is not very often that two established medical experts are in the same room to discuss the practicalities of the expanding medical cannabis industry.

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About Healthway Education Systems

Healthway Education Systems bridges the gap between State medical marijuana programs, medical education and responsible patient care. HES recognizes the importance of delivering continuity, quality service and efficacy within the cannabis industry; we are dedicated to establishing and assuring that our cannabis education supports the highest level of Education Excellence to improve healthcare outcomes.

Healthway Education Systems offers accredited cannabis continuing medical education to their clients, delivering comprehensive curriculum needed about medical cannabis properties and applications, when and how to recommend for patients qualifying conditions, and how to participate in growing states’ regulations. Recognized by the American Medical Association, Healthway Education’s courses are authentic, rigorous certifications and training programs for professionals in the medical or cannabis industries.

Healthway Education Systems is the Premier industry leader in Accredited Medical Cannabis Education Nationally and Internationally; catering to both medical professionals and professionals in the cannabis space, providing both with relevant programs that they can use to progress in their chosen field. With the ever-growing use of medical cannabis, education is important now more than ever.

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