Florida Low-THC Medical Marijuana Law Passes Major Hurdle

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla — We’ve shared their emotional stories. Parents from all over the state have been waiting. Waiting to get their hands on Charlotte’s Web, a low-THC form of medical marijuana, to treat illnesses their children have such as epilepsy, seizures and cancer.

Finally, on Wednesday they got an answer when a judge threw out a lawsuit holding up the implementation of the drug.

Jeff Sharkey started the Medical Marijuana Business Association. He’s followed the entire process of Charlotte’s Web: From lawmakers legalizing it last year to several lawsuits from potential growers halting the sale of the drug to today with a sale date in sight.

“The rule that was finally approved was fair and balanced,” Sharkey said.

“It’s been a long discussion and dialogue and I know there’s been some frustration with it, but here we are with a rule that’s going into effect. We’ll have people submitting applications to become dispensaries and I think Florida’s ready for this.”

Florida’s Department of Health has been the agency in charge of implementing Charlotte’s Web. They’re expected to take applications from eligible growers within three weeks. Under the law, only five will be chosen to sell it.

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