Enterprising Retail Design Generates Positive Community Reception

The High Road Design Studio’s Sophisticated Dispensary Design Cultivates Community Acceptance of Park Range Recreationals in Oak Creek, Colorado

DENVER/STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, COLORADO – Park Range Recreationals, Colorado’s first dispensary in Oak Creek, has raised the status quo for recreational cannabis dispensaries forging positive community ties through its thoughtful aesthetics and polished design appeal.

Designed by Megan Stone, cannabis retail designer and owner of The High Road Design Studio, the project utilized luxury design principles and local aesthetics to create an inviting atmosphere worthy of its Main Street location.

Park Range’s visionary landowner contracted Stone for the project, who immediately understood his mission to create a shop that was not only an economic asset but a respected community fixture. Located between Vail and Steamboat Springs, Stone realized the necessity to deliver a visually appealing space that was also conscientious of Oak Creek’s historical framework and local identity.

MeganStone2Stone streamlined the small, 500 square-foot retail space, balancing sophistication with Park Range’s unique local vernacular. The custom, orange plaid ceiling design highlights the 14-foot- high space and gives a nod to Oak Creek’s hunting and outdoor recreation scene, while the beetle kill pine finishes and hickory floors pay tribute to the area’s forestry.

Despite limited square footage, Stone instilled a sense of openness through concealed door detailing on the wood-cladded wall. The seamless transition and fluidity of paneling help establish an uncluttered ambience, while the expertly executed wood installation creates a pleasant shopping environment that embodies Oak Creek’s natural scenery.

The under-glass, custom 12-foot product display is well-lighted to elegantly showcase Park Range’s homegrown strains. The back walls are accented by Park Range’s own cannabis photography, and the main retail shelves feature stainless steel, C-Vault product canisters reminiscent of old-world apothecaries. A steel library ladder adds to the charm, while making product and inventory access efficient.

Stone’s design has been integral to Park Range Recreationals’ successful debut. From its brightly lit orange sign to its matching, vibrantly painted front door, Park Range greets customers with a welcoming neighborhood image.

Through well-executed design, Stone succeeded in elevating Park Range’s marijuana facade. “We utilized interior design as a tool for communicating their values and image to their desired clientele, as well as to their neighbors. By creating an unexpectedly beautiful and inviting cannabis experience, we gave Park Range a differentiating factor that will stay with them for a long time to come,” said Stone.

These properly implemented retail design principles helped alleviate community concerns regarding Oak Creek’s reputation and respectability. Both the shop owners and landowner have been pleasantly surprised by the town’s positive reception and the dispensary’s increasing business.

In an industry that is rapidly expanding and often hindered by shortsightedness, Park Range’s locally-focused aesthetic has established a future model for cannabis dispensaries. The High Road Design Studio’s attention to detail and thoughtful design approach has raised the status quo, creating a new level of sophistication in an often stigmatized commercial outlet.

“Design can be a powerful tool in changing negative perceptions of cannabis and elevating the value these businesses can add to a community. As a result, a more sustainable and profitable business is possible,” said Stone.

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