Edibles, By An Iron Chef? That’s Right, And Now That Iron Chef – Is The Highern Chef!

by John ‘Harts’ Hartsell

Nearly a decade ago Tony Hehman was in an episode of Iron Chef America with Bobby Flay on The Food Network. Tony, along with Chef Beau Macmillan, competed against Flay and soundly topped the well-known guru of the culinary world.

The psychoactive effect should come on steadily, achieve its pinnacle, and then remain…

Soon after his successful Iron Chef appearance – Tony’s new name came rather easily. With his combined passion for compassionate care, and his unique talents in the kitchen, Iron Chef Tony became known as the “Highern Chef”.

For me, it was love at first bite. The Highern Chef’s delectable treats are prepared with fair trade, GMO-free chocolate – which the Chef carefully hand selects to jibe perfectly with his own homemade bubble hash.

Highern Chef shared a little bit about his unique process with me. One of the most notable things I learned is that since he uses bubble hash, rather than concentrates from other extraction methods such as BHO or CO2, his edibles do not have that initial effect rush. Instead, he explained, “The psychoactive effect should come on steadily, achieve its pinnacle, and then remain.”

Based on my review of three of the five chocolate bars they offer (Smoked Almond Toffee Bar, Creamy Milk Chocolate Bar, and the Dark Chocolate Bar) he was absolutely correct!

highern-chef-chocEach full bar contains 200mg and is perfectly sectioned into 20 – 10mg bites ensuring proper dosing.

As an avid edibles user I find that starting with 50mg is the perfect dose each time I consume an edible. However, and some of you cannabis enthusiasts I’m sure can relate, we’ve all had that “Oh shit, I took too much” moment when it hits you. With Highern Chef’s edibles, I never experienced this moment.

Instead, I found consistent dosing each time I consumed Highern Chef edibles. In fact, they consistently performed exactly as intended.

Of course saving the best for last, our team sampled two of five flavors of Highern Chef’s Trich Bites. Holy yummy, Batman! The Trich Bites can either be eaten or you can dissolve them in your favorite beverage. With two 50mg candies in each box, these bite-sized morsels are perfect travelers.

On a recent family afternoon fishing trip I took the Snozzberry flavor Trich Bites along. Just before the mile-long bike ride to our local fishing spot I had a 50mg candy. By the time we reached the lake, I was feeling the effects and since we were going to fish and then hit our favorite spot for dinner afterwards, I brought the second piece along for the ride.

After fishing for a couple hours, and catching and releasing a dozen or so fish, we jumped on our bikes and headed back for dinner. I then ate the second piece and once again, the effects came on quickly but without that initial, sometimes uncomfortable, rush.

The Highern Chef definitely hit another homerun with the Trich Bites.

Highern Chef Edibles are high-quality, properly dosed edibles you can rely on to perform consistently every time.

Look for Highern Chef on Instagram, Facebook, and at Arizona Cannabis Society.

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  1. Ellen Chesler | May 6, 2016 at 6:50 am | Reply

    Best chocolate ever! Chef Tony’s dark chocolate saw me through surgery and many of my daily pain issues. I give him my highest recommendation!

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