Competing Marijuana Legalization Initiatives in Arizona

If your at all confused about the proposed marijuana legalization initiatives being introduced in Arizona – there are at least 7 – you’re not alone. WeediaBuzz receives inquiries daily about what is being proposed, who is proposing what, what are the differences…. etc. The information out there is confusing and interpretations are many. In an effort to keep you informed we gathered high points and interviewed the key players for the top 2 sides here.

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What the initiative does:

It allows adults 21 years of age and older to possess up to one ounce of marijuana and consume marijuana in private.

Allows adults to grow up to six marijuana plants in an enclosed, locked space within their residences and possess the marijuana produced by those plants in the location where it was grown. No more than 12 total marijuana plants can be grown in a single residence. Property owners and landlords will have the right to prohibit marijuana from being grown on their property.

Establishes the Department of Marijuana Licenses and Control to oversee a tightly controlled system of licensed marijuana retail stores, licensed cultivation facilities, licensed product manufacturing facilities, and licensed testing facilities. The department will include a law enforcement unit that will be responsible for enforcing regulations, conducting compliance checks, and investigating violations.

Allows a limited number of licensed marijuana retail stores to sell marijuana to adults 21 years of age and older. The number of retail stores will be capped at 10 percent of the number of liquor store licenses, which is currently fewer than 180.

Allows localities to impose limits on where and when marijuana businesses are allowed to operate.

Requires businesses to test marijuana products and adhere to strict packaging and labeling guidelines.

Enacts a 15% excise tax on retail marijuana sales, which will be used to fund the implementation and enforcement of regulations. Any additional marijuana tax revenue will be allocated as follows: 40% to the Department of Education for school construction, maintenance, and operating costs; 40% to the Department of Education for full-day kindergarten programs; and 20% to the Department of Health Services for public education regarding the relative harms of alcohol, marijuana, and other substances.

What the initiative does NOT do:

It does NOT allow marijuana to be used in public. Public use will remain illegal.

It does NOT change existing penalties for possession of more than one ounce of marijuana or cultivation of more than six marijuana plants. It will also remain entirely illegal to sell any amount of marijuana without the proper business license.

It does NOT allow unlicensed individuals to produce marijuana extracts using butane or other potentially hazardous products.

It does NOT affect employers’ current marijuana policies or their ability to establish workplace restrictions on marijuana consumption by employees.

It does NOT change existing laws regarding driving under the influence of marijuana. Driving while impaired by marijuana will remain illegal.

It does NOT enact a tax on the sale of medical marijuana or affect the rights of medical marijuana patients that were established by Proposition 203.

Click here to read the full text of the Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act.

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AZFMR logolegislation-small-thumbnail

What the initiative does:

Allows adults twenty-one years of age and older to legally possess, consume, and grow limited amounts of marijuana

Reduces criminal penalties for marijuana offenses

Creates a system in which licensed businesses will produce and sell marijuana

Establishes a 15% tax on retail marijuana sales, from which the revenue will be allocated to public health and education

Establishes a Department of Marijuana Licenses and Control to regulate licensed businesses that produce, cultivate, or sell marijuana

Provides local governments with the authority to regulate marijuana businesses.

The Differences between Arizonans For Mindful Regulation’s (AZFMR) Campaign to Legalize and Regulate Marijuana (I-10-2016) and the Campaign To Legalize Marijuana Like Alcohol – sponsored by Marijuana Policy Project (CLMLA/MPP) Campaign to Regulate and Tax Marijuana (I-08-2016)
The top 3 Differences between initiatives are:

1. The AZFMR initiative to Legalize and Regulate Marijuana makes possession of 1 Ounce of Marijuana LEGAL and reduces the criminal penalties for Possession of Marijuana beyond 1 Ounce but less than 8 ounces, Possession of Marijuana for Sale involving less than 8 Ounces, and Cultivation of Marijuana involving less than 99 plants, to Misdemeanors instead of Felonies.

2. The AZFMR initiative to Legalize and Regulate Marijuana REQUIRES that the Department of Marijuana Licenses and Control SHALL issue an amount of Marijuana Retailer licenses equal to 10% of the amount of Series 9 Liquor Licenses currently issued in Arizona. Our initiative places no cap on the amount of other Marijuana Establishment licenses that may be issued by the Department of Marijuana Licenses and Control. Also, our initiative does NOT allow Localities to outright BAN marijuana establishments in their jurisdiction, rather the citizens of a locality may choose to prohibit any type of marijuana establishments by way of referendum or initiative.

3. The AZFMR initiative to Legalize and Regulate Marijuana does NOT allow the newly formed Department of Marijuana Licenses and Control to take control of and amend the MEDICAL Marijuana Program Regulations.

Click here to read the full text of the Campaign to Legalize and Regulate Marijuana.

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  1. Your facts still are a little confused and needs to be edited as soon as possible
    Do more research

    You made mop look better than they are and you made the others look bad by mixing up information

    • Will Snyder, Publisher | April 26, 2016 at 7:59 am | Reply

      Thank you for your comment. The article you’re referring to was an old post, accurate at the time of posting, re-posted by mistake. We issued an apology to AZFMR for the oversight. Thank you again for bringing this to our attention.

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