Cannabis in Epilepsy: A Symposium Designed to Bridge the Gap in Communication Between Medical Professionals, Clinical Science, Families and Advocacy Groups

Minneapolis, MN – The Child Neurology Foundation (CNF) is poised to welcome members of the Child Neurology Society (CNS) interested in seeking a deeper understanding of the current science, family experience and advocacy efforts surrounding the use of cannabis for the treatment of epilepsy. The organization will bring together thought leaders from clinical science and advocacy groups engaged in the conversation about the use of cannabis-based remedies. The symposium will be held on Saturday, October 29, 2016 during the CNS’s 45th annual meeting in Vancouver, Canada.

“We’re facing a new paradigm where promising science is attempting to catch up with families using a remedy that has been thought to relieve the suffering of children living with intractable epilepsy,” says Amy Brin Miller, Executive Director of the Child Neurology Foundation. “The conventional model requires science to validate a treatment before use. However, the families of children with severe epilepsy we engage with tell us they cannot wait. CNF believes it’s our responsibility to foster and promote the very critical conversation between providers and families to ensure the most sophisticated, safe, and reliable treatments for use are understood and employed properly.”

The goal of this year’s symposium is to examine the new evolution in cannabis treatment and means of furthering conversation among these diverse yet conjoined perspectives.

This year’s topics include:

  • Understanding Current Use and Attitudes Towards Cannabis within the Child Neurology Community: Results from Membership and Caregiver Surveys
    Presented by: William H. Trescher, MD
    President, Child Neurology Foundation
    Penn State Children’s Hospital
    Hershey, PA
  • State of Science: Cannabis
    Elizabeth Thiele, MD, PhD
    Massachusetts General Hospital
    Boston, MA
  • Parent Perspectives: Cannabis Use
    Catherine Jacobson, PhD
    Patient Advocate and Parent
    Director, Clinical Research, Tilray
  • Cannabis Use in Child Neurology: Looking Forward
    Anup Patel, MD
    Nationwide Children’s Hospital
    Columbus, OH

The symposium is part of CNF’s cannabis education initiative that is partially supported via the generosity of GW Pharmaceuticals.

About The Child Neurology Foundation

The Child Neurology Foundation is a 501c3 dedicated to serving as a collaborative center of education and support for children and their families living with neurologic conditions. Our vision is a world in which all children affected by neurologic conditions reach their full potential.

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About The Child Neurology Society

The Child Neurology Society is the preeminent non-profit professional association of pediatric neurologists in the United States, Canada, and worldwide devoted to fostering the discipline of child neurology and promoting the optimal care and welfare of children with neurological and neurodevelopmental disorders. These disorders include epilepsy, cerebral palsy, mental retardation, learning disabilities, complex metabolic diseases, nerve and muscle diseases and a host of other highly challenging conditions.

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