ANNOUNCEMENT: AZ Cannabis Innovations Moving Forward

by John Hartsell | Weedia, Inc. | Facebook

20 January 2017 –PathogenDx and Emerald Scientific have announced that the companies have entered a distribution agreement for the PDx-C test kits, the latest technology in microbial testing. Emerald Scientific is the leading provider of supplies and support to cannabis testing labs throughout the United States. The PathogenDx product line enables Emerald Scientific clients to test cannabis flower, extract, and infused products for E. coli, Salmonella, and Aspergillus simultaneously in six hours or less.

The combination of PathogenDx technology and manufacturing with Emerald’s distribution reach and customer support provides the cannabis industry with the most rapid and cost effective method to procure PDx technology.

The PDx technology provides the only DNA based test that can detect for multiple pathogens simultaneously. The increased throughput enables cannabis producers to more rapidly move product through the supply chain. Milan Patel, PathogenDx CEO, commented, “This agreement is ground breaking for PathogenDx because it combines the unmatched reach of Emerald Scientific with the PathogenDx technology allowing each to leverage the strengths of each company.”

Emerald Scientific will officially release the PDx-C kits at the Emerald Conference on February 2nd and 3rd in San Diego. “The Emerald Conference is the premier scientific cannabis conference, showcasing the latest scientific products in the industry, so it really provides us with an excellent opportunity to present this new technology” said Kirsten Blake, Director of Sales and Business Development for Emerald Scientific.

Dr. Carl Yamashiro, VP for Product Development, stated that this is the first of several products to be released for PathogenDx, which will be coming to the market during 2017. Products include testing for pathogens in food, agriculture and water, see

Because PathogenDx uses its proprietary low cost and flexible microarray technology, PDx can keep up with the ever-changing microbial testing requirements with little, few or no adjustments. This gives PDx customers rapid flexibility, providing safety and surety to their clients, minimizing the costs of recalls and brand damage.

ABOUT: Established in Nov 2014, PathogenDxs’ mission is to deliver disruptive testing technology and solutions to the botanical, food and agricultural testing markets that provide breakthrough simplicity, and cost-effectiveness, at an adaptable scale for both large and small testing facilities. The technology offers growers, processors, producers, consumers and ancillary services within the botanical, food and agricultural markets real-time data/information pertaining to the quality of their product. For more information go to

ABOUT: Emerald Scientific is a leading supplier of high quality reagents, supplies, equipment, and services to analytical laboratories, producers, and cultivators.   For more information go to

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