America’s First Vape! Gladiator Maximus Dry Herb Vaporizer: Review

by El Lincis

Sippin’ java at my local beatnik haunt, Village Coffee, a friend of mine approached me with a new product he was very excited to show me. The Gladiator Maximus Dry Herb Vaporizer, America’s first vape!

Wow! What a beautiful example of technology, engineering, design, and manufacturing! I could feel the heavy quality construction in my hand. I wanted one immediately. He then went on to illustrate the ease in set up, loading, and vaping.

The whole package was very attractive and affordable. Knowing I was one of the writers for, he said he could get me the product if I would do a fair review.

Several days later I received the Gladiator Maximus Mini, a Gladiator XL Battery and the Gladiator USB Charger. There’s also a slightly bigger Gladiator Maximus – both accept the same battery and charger.

Like most devices of this type a battery charge is almost always necessary and can typically take between 2 and 4 hours! That’s not just the first charge, but every charge! I attached the provided USB Charger to the Gladiator XL Battery, plugged it into the USB Wall Plug, and then into an open kitchen outlet. Expecting a gaggle of friends over later that evening to jam and ‘what not’, I thought, “perfect timing.” By the time everyone arrives the Gladiator Maximus Mini will be ready to load and we’ll be ready to ‘rock and roll’!

I leashed up the dogs for a short walk and returned – maybe 15 minute later. The charger’s red indicator light was now green.… Really? The Gladiator XL Battery was fully charged and ready to heat up the contents in the Gladiator Maximus Mini!  Truly an example of keen research and well applied industrial design.

One of the first things I noticed was how the metal mouthpiece also serves as an in chamber pipe tamper. Any novice pipe smoker knows how important this tool can be…  Without having to remove the ‘Mini’ from the Battery you simply press the mouthpiece downward to repack the unburned contents – pushing the dry herb towards the coil. This can be repeated several times until your session is complete.

I immediately loaded the chamber with an everyday ‘mid shelf’ herb. For ‘Standards and Practice’ I always test with a ‘mid shelf’ product rather than the best/top shelf. This way one has a better idea if the utensil actually improves the contents; whether in taste, buzz, draw, harshness, and overall vaporizing experience. Well ‘heads up’, the Maximus improved my sample on all levels! After several bowls I easily cleaned the chamber and coil with the included wire brush, and continued my session…

Long story short, by the time my friends arrived I was “catatonic”! They all quickly picked up the ‘modus operandi’ of the Maximus Mini, loaded their favorite herb and passed the ‘Gladiator’ around!

Comments I overheard above all the merriment, were; of course the ‘mouthpiece tamper’, the ‘flashing light’ around the ignition button which clearly marks your draw time, the rubberized material that wraps around the XL Battery, and the ‘variable voltage dial’  at the bottom of the battery – which allows you to set your temperature preference – all well received features.

Comments I didn’t hear, “I don’t think it’s drawing…” or “who has a light?”  

Within 30 minutes we were all where we wanted to be. A grand time was had by all. The Gladiator Maximus Mini was a quick hit!  Because of the convenient size, I haven’t left the house without it. Actually I haven’t left house at all…

For about $75.00 you can purchase the “whole enchilada.”

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  1. I haven’t had a chance to try this one out yet. The dry herb chamber looks great though. Cool design for sure.

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